Tania Fox, Idea Architect & Strategic Business Advisor


per month for 2 months ($1,050.00 total)
The MONETIZE YOUR MIND JUMPSTARTER begins on January 14, 2019. You'll receive your Welcome Pack in just a few days with all the info you need for the 6-week session.

Please book your 1-to-1 intro call between now and January 12.

Looking forward to speaking with you!


Sales School for Broke-Ass Geniuses

every 2 weeks for 4 weeks ($198.00 total)
Are you too smart to be having this much trouble making sales? Wanna learn how the big names make sales, close deals and attract their clients? Then you wanna be in Sales School for Broke-Ass Geniuses! A week-long live intensive that will teach you how to get seen, get clients and get PAID.

- 7 days of live lessons
- Role-playing to ensure you know what you're selling & how to convert
- Private Facebook group for support and guidance
- Downloadable videos to keep forever (so you can adjust as you grow & pivot)
- If you pay in full, I'll look over your assets BEFORE we start


Start Uppp (pay in full w/bonus)

Start UPPP begins on February 11, 2020. You'll receive a welcome pack in a few days that has all the info you need for the 4-week Session

BUUUUUUT, you get a BONUS one-to-one kickstart session! So Go ahead and book that now :)